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A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl


We've both been at WLFS since year 7, and have collectively enjoyed participating in music performances, history club, hockey and other sports clubs, and the year 11 Prefect team. Our passions for history, maths, further maths, RS, English, and physics, leave us motivated to start new academic clubs and experiences for all students. Having being elected as Head Boy and Head Girl, we are looking forward to working with and listening to the teachers and students across the school. We would hugely appreciate any suggestions and ideas in regards to improving school life, and can be contacted by email : liberty.hunter@wlfs.org & joshua.tulip@wlfs.org.

Joshua Fatimilehin-Tulip – Head Boy

 Hi, my name is Joshua Fatimilehin-Tulip. I am the Head Boy for the remainder of 2018. I first became a student at WLFS in 2012, being in the second wave of pupils since the school's inauguration. Since then I have focused on many areas academically, from physics to history, and music to Religious studies. I've persistently striven to participate in the myriad of opportunities which this school has offered over the years, and I'd like to ensure that the experiences of my fellow students in future are be at least as rich as those I am now grateful for. As head boy, I warmly encourage any idea, contribution, complaint, or suggestion to be voiced to me or the rest of the prefect team, so we can assess the best action to take - in order to insure the maximum satisfaction of the student body. No input is too small to have sufficient value. We'd also welcome feedback as to how the prefect team could go about their business. We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you a fun, fulfilling and productive 2018.

Liberty Hunter – Head Girl 

Throughout my five years at WLFS, I’ve enjoyed participating in the History and Politics Club, various sports teams, learning the piano and guitar, and representing my house: The Corinthians. Now in the sixth form, I take history, English literature, and maths A Levels, and I’ve also chosen to write my EPQ on Liberalism and Democracy. Since September I’ve had the opportunity to help mentor history GSCE to the Year 11s. Externally, I swim competitively, and enjoy surfing, skiing, debating and attending lectures, whilst working closely with the Green Party and Greenpeace. This year, among other aims, I’d like to help build an external lecture programme, and increase the amount of clubs and societies offered to us. I’m hugely excited to have been elected as Prefect and then as Head Girl, and I’m looking forward to working with the teachers and students throughout the school. 

 Alix Humbles –Prefect

I am studying biology, chemistry and government and politics, as well as researching towards an extended project on how technology could be used to combat ageing. In the future I would like to work in a medicine or engineering. Before West London I was at Elthorne Park High School, but I have attended 5 other schools! I am part of the Air Cadets, where I take part in sports and drill competitions, shooting, indoor climbing and many other things during camps and fieldcraft exercises while also working my way up a rank structure. Before my GCSEs I was part of a rowing club and I still enjoy running. As a prefect I hope to get to know people from around the school and create changes which are carried forward within the school, such as programs to improve mental health awareness and more extra-curricular lectures.

Edward Teesdale - Prefect

My name is Edward Teesdale and have been at the school since the second year of its inception and so I have had a first-hand experience with the growth of the school. I am currently taking Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and am really enjoying ‘sixth-form life’. I enjoy socialising with my friends and have always had a particular interest in traveling and exploring. I hope one day I could eventually travel the world and even work abroad in various other countries. As a prefect, I hope to convey my leadership skills to the best of my ability. I also want to help and aid as many people as I can and this new responsibility will allow me to bring the school together and build upon this close and intimate community.


Jason Gjollaku - Prefect

My name is Jason Gjorllaku and I have recently joined West London Free School. I am currently studying for my A-levels are Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Modern History. Post a-levels, I hope to be studying applied Mathematics at a Russell group university. In terms of hobbies, I enjoy playing football with my friends and for my football team also, I attend weekly classes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. With my time being a Prefect, I hope to organise more trips to university so that my fellow pupils and I can inform are self even more on life after sixth form. 

Lolita Gosling - Prefect

My name is Lolita Gosling and I am studying Art, Economics, Geography and an EPQ at A level. As an aspiring fashion designer, I decided to do an EPQ that focuses on designers of today and their predecessors. I am an Alto in the Sixth Form Chamber choir and very much enjoy taking part in the performances, recordings, and school trips that come with this position. My two leading interests are art and music, I love to visit exhibitions, create my own artworks, and listen to old records. Film is also a great passion of mine, with Wes Anderson being one of my favourite directors. Becoming a Prefect has given me the chance to take the needs and opinions of myself and my peers to hopefully make a difference at the West London Free School.


Rose Fowkes - Prefect

I joined West London Free School in September and have since been so happy about how it turned out - students and teachers were welcoming from the beginning, and through joining the choir and the netball team I've been able to perform and compete outside of school. I've enjoyed narrowing my subjects down to the ones I'm really interested in: History, French and RS. With small class sizes and more in depth courses then at GCSE, we have been able to engage in debate and use our own opinions. I applied to be a prefect so I can push forward the sixth form's engagement in charity and volunteering work, starting by connecting students with local charities who would value their time. I look forward to meeting students in the lower school through my role. 

Ruhama Habte - Prefect

I am currently studying Biology, Maths and Modern History at the WLFS Sixth Form, and have also decided to take up an EPQ, looking into the American criminal justice system. I have been a part of the West London Free School for over five years now and have enjoyed participating in the school choir, learning the piano, performing in numerous concerts and playing on multiple sports teams. I am also part of an external choir and enjoy hiking, baking and going to lectures in my free time. Now that I am a member of the Prefect Team, I hope to bring a greater sense of community to our Sixth Form, while also increasing the amount of opportunities we are introduced to. 


Uchenna Onyeagucha

Hello. I am Uchenna, I am re-taking year 12. My previous schools were Ibstock Place School and Sexey's Boarding School. I study Chemistry, Geography, Maths and EPQ - in which I am researching solitary confinement and its effects on prisoners. In the future I hope to go and study Enviromental Science/Geochemistry at univerity. Outside school I am a keen musician and play the clarinet. I have also completed my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh, and hope to do my gold in the future. Furthermore, I do zumba classes and am an avid cyclist.  As prefect I want to bring mental health into a main talked about topic at school. So to that we talk about the problems we face as students, especially in exams and how we overcome them. Most importantly I want everyone to feel accepted and welcomed. So if you are having a tough time just find me and we can talk.



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