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Computer Science is the study of computer principles and their application. Although programming is a significant practical component of the course, so too is the modelling and analysing of problems to find solutions that will be implemented using computer systems. We live in the information age, where computers touch every aspect of our lives – from the games we play and social networks we use to the way businesses and government deal with us. Computers are ubiquitous, and computer scientists can be found in every industry. Popular career paths include Game Designer, Program Developer, System Analyst, Database Administrator and Network Manager. There is no shortage of opportunities for those with computer science skills. The A-level course aims to get you thinking creatively about problems solving, understanding computer systems and developing the ability to program. At the end of the first year, there are two written exams, which test programming skills and computer theory, each worth 50% of the marks. In the final year there are two further written exams and, in addition, a computing project will test knowledge and skills. Each exam is worth 40%, and the project is worth 20%.





Practical skills Programming, data structures, algorithms, theory of computation, problem-solving skills

Theory Data representation, computer systems, computer organisation and architecture, uses of computing, communication and networking, databases, Big Data, functional programming

Non-exam assessment Computing practical project

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